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The Full Story

Zombie Cats from Mars 2

Two teenage boys go back in time to rid the future of Zombie Cats... from Mars.


The Premise

ZOMBIE CATS FROM MARS 2 takes place in 1957 and is centered around the Peterson family, their eccentric neighbor Agnes, physicist Grandpaw Bill, and a group of Soviet cosmonauts working under the control of the feline commander Cosmo. With Cosmo at the controls, a newly-launched satellite (Sputnik) beams a signal alerting Earth cats to attack. Agnes falls victim, and the Peterson family assume she’s been attacked by a large animal. When her bandages are removed, she’s revealed to have become a zombie and attacks matriarch Diane. As the Petersons’ world begins to collapse, it is up to young Armand Peterson and family friend Howie to go back in time to prevent the catastrophe that is unfolding. 

ZOMBIE CATS FROM MARS 2 is currently in preproduction, with principal filming to take place summer / fall 2021. 

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