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Three kids go back in time to rid the future of Zombie Cats... from Mars.

The Premise

ZOMBIE CATS FROM MARS 2 takes place in 1957 amid the Cold War and follows the Peterson family, including remarried widow and mother Diane, her husband Warren, and her children William and Armand. Rounding out the ensemble are William’s best friend Howie, cat-owning schoolgirls Doris and Patricia, Chief McManus, drama teacher Mr. Schlitz, retired physicist Grandpaw Bill, and the eccentric neighbor Agnes, a former opera singer who loves performing Italian arias for her cat, James. Under the backdrop of the nuclear family and a special performance by the high school drama club, a team of Soviets rush to launch an artificial satellite into space - a catellite which has the potential to communicate messages of murder and mayhem to all of Earth’s cats. Chaos ensues, and three young heroes are sent back in time to rid the future of zombie cats... from Mars.


Executive Producer: Ryan Cloutier

Director: Montetré

Producer: Barri Chase

Cinematographer: Jim Stanek

Camera Operator: Axel Kozber

1st Assistant Director: Jace Daniel

2nd Assistant Director: Josh Dietrich

Sound: Esteban Ortiz 

Key Grip: Fred Johnson

Gaffer: Forrest Brennan

Script Supervisor: Rachel Bracker; Regina Galbick

SFX Makeup Artist: Carrie Puterbaugh

Key Makeup Artist: Tami Barrett

Stunt Coordinator: Eric Pease

Art Department Supervisor: Ryan Cloutier

Production Assistant: Bekkah Peterson

Production Assistant: Bray Hodges

Production Assistant: Travis LaBrucherie

Production Assistant: Justin Allen

Behind the Scenes Archivist: Sophie Gass


Brad Stein as Jim Mahoney

Katie Bennett as Tricia Fitzgerald

Svetlana Dedova as Valentina

Mikhail Anakin as Petyr

Ivan Kondratyev as Stanislav

Alexander Bulgakov as Boris

Roman Dubrovskiy as Viktor

Mark Golovin as Vlad

Andre Tokayuk as Dima

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